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70-290 Concepts: Remote Server Management and IIS

·          The Remote Assistance feature is turned on by default in WinXP Pro, but is turned off by default on Server 2003. Requires both systems to be XP or 2003

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70-290 Concepts: Server Performance and Troubleshooting

·          The event viewer can only open log files stored in the .evt format, but can save as .txt or .csv ·          To sort entries or to view a subset

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70-290 Concepts: Storage

·          Basic Disks use partitions, not volumes, and they can store up to four primary partitions, and one extended partition with logical drives ·          Dynamic Disks use volumes, not partitions,

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70-290 Concepts: Networking/Terminal Services

·          Under Windows Server 2003, the default share permissions are Everyone: Allow Read (previously Full Control in Server 2000) ·          Under Windows Server 2003, the default NTFS permissions are Administrator/System/Owner:

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70-290 Concepts: User/Groups/Computers

·          Active Directory under Windows Server 2003 supports four levels of domain functionality: o    Windows 2000 mixed: Pre-windows 2000 domain controllers and servers o    Windows 2000 native: All domain controllers

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