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Cisco terminal length 0 and –more–

From time to time I just need to perform a simple dump of a configuration file from a Cisco IOS device for backup or review purposes, such as a from

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Exchange Backups with a GFS Retention Scheme

Something realized while working a a client was that we typically configure a G-F-S (Grandfather-Father-Son) backup retention with backups been retained by month going back for the prior year. So

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Exchange/Outlook Hard-Delete

When typically working with e-mail within Outlook you will read your e-mail, and then perhaps delete it which will move it to the “Deleted Items” folder. From there, you may

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Microsoft File Transfer Wizard

I discovered another quick of Microsoft’s File Transfer Wizard, which is not surprising but can be an unexpected surprise for administrators who are using redirected folders. Basically when using File

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Rebuilding a computer

Okay, here is a simple one that most people know, but was performed by someone in my office this week. When backing up a computer before you rebuild it (format

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