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Public DNS Servers

Domain Name Resolution (DNS) is one of the services we take for granted every day. It works behind the scenes to resolve name-to-IP addresses. It works so well that we

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Microsoft DNS Scavenging in mixed DC environments

After encountering this problem in two different clients, I figured this should be reported for better understanding: First off, Microsoft considers it a best practice, starting with Windows Server 2008

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Tech Note: Port Conflict leading to RADIUS / IAS / Wireless issues

Apparently there is a chance that a security patch (MS 08-037) can lead to port conflict issues. There was an issue at one of my clients this morning stemming from

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Anti-Spam via SPF: Sender Policy Framework

SPF is an excellent method of preventing email spoofing, protecting your users from having their domain show up on spam throughout the world. SPF, however, is only as effective as

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