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Dad needs a new computer?!

One of the banes of most IT Professionals is when family members ask for help with purchasing a computer, or worse yet, they just purchased something from a big-box retailer

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Removing Trend Icon from SysTray on Terminal Servers

If you are using Trend Micro for Anti-virus on your terminal servers you should consider applying the following changes to remove the icon from running in the system tray.  It

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Faster Windows Defragement

Defragmenting your hard drive is one of the simplest and free ways to prevent performance slippage on your computer.  And while there are excellent tools available such as Diskkeeper which

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70-290 Concepts: Server Performance and Troubleshooting

·          The event viewer can only open log files stored in the .evt format, but can save as .txt or .csv ·          To sort entries or to view a subset

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