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The tools I use…

Here are some of my favorite applications I have installed on my computer, and often install right away, in no particular order: Microsoft Office Professional Plus – This is the

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First 10 things I do to a new computer

If you’re like me, anytime you get your hands on a new computer there are a handful of things you do to it. That could be if the computer is

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Dr Ping

What is the purpose? If you are curious to see how your broadband ISP measures up against competition in terms of latency to many different internet destinations, then Doctorping will

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SmokePing keeps track of your network latency: Best of breed latency visualization. Interactive graph explorer. Wide range of latency measurement plugins. Master/Slave System for distributed measurement. Highly configurable alerting system.

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Malware Bytes

I am surprised how many times I run into this from IT consultants, contractors and firms who don’t know this…. Malwarebytes is not free for business use. Individually the cost

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ESXi Monitoring with Veeam

A great free tool (with a commercial counterpart) I experimented with today was Monitor from Veeam. It provides the ability to view multiple ESXi instances without purchasing virtual center. Now

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