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Disable Firefox Auto Update for Terminal Servers

Disable the auto-update feature in Firefox. I accomplished this by first creating a file called mozilla.cfg in the C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox directory with the following contents: // Disable Auto Updates

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Roaming Profile Review

By default in Windows 2003, a roaming profile only assigns permissions to the named user and the local system account, the administrators do not have permissions to this folder, and

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70-290 Concepts: Networking/Terminal Services

·          Under Windows Server 2003, the default share permissions are Everyone: Allow Read (previously Full Control in Server 2000) ·          Under Windows Server 2003, the default NTFS permissions are Administrator/System/Owner:

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RDP Multi-monitor support

Basic dual monitor support is available under the Remote Desktop Protocol / Terminal Services. You must be running the RDP Client v6 or higher. You must run the command from

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