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Microsoft Strong Passwords

Just a reminder about passwords for clients where we have enabled “Passwords must meet complexity requirements”. I received a call today from another tech needing help, and here are the

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Roaming Profile Review

By default in Windows 2003, a roaming profile only assigns permissions to the named user and the local system account, the administrators do not have permissions to this folder, and

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Remote support for hardware problems

Remote support tools can be an excellent tool in resolving problems, but they need to be used in combination with the described experience provided by the end user. This recently

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Force workstation loggoff after inactivity

There are various situations where you may want a computer to automatically loggoff the user when they have been idle for a period of time. The most freqnet use for

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70-290 Concepts: User/Groups/Computers

·          Active Directory under Windows Server 2003 supports four levels of domain functionality: o    Windows 2000 mixed: Pre-windows 2000 domain controllers and servers o    Windows 2000 native: All domain controllers

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